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Being that imports into Canada which are valued at over CDN$20 are subject to import fees, duties, and taxes, we have arranged with one of our retailers located in Canada to offer assistance in importing bulk and/or custom mask orders.

The price for the masks remain the same, just converted into Canadian Dollars (an approximated Canadian Dollar equivalent based on the USD-CAD exchange, re-evaluated on a weekly basis).

By choosing this method, customers can avoid paying import fees (varies depending on which shipper is used, but typically between CAD$10 and CAD$25 with most UPS or FedEx shipments) and duties (18% of the product value).  GST/HST will still be added, as applicable.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please fill out the order form below.  All payments and importing processes will be handled by our retailer in Canada ("The Israeli Source', in Thornhill, ON).

If you prefer to have your order shipped to you directly and are willing to take the chance with any import fees and/or duties that may be applied, please go back to the main order form.

- The My Masked Expressions Team